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Use of Our Services

We aim to assist our clients in completion of their assignments. However, Assignment Writing Services will not be responsible for misuse of the services or products from the clients end. We ensure that our clients get complete original copy of content like we commit to our clients.

The client is liable to verify the legalities for availing our services. The client should check the university guidelines or state laws regarding the use of our services.

The client is free in his decision to buy our product or services. Assignment Writing Services plays no role in impacting the client’s decision to avail or deny our services.

If the user is a minor, he is responsible for what ever information he shares with our representative. A minor client must have the consent of his parents/guardians before contacting us. Moreover, the parents must contact our support team immediately after they find out their child has shared some confidential information.

Clients are liable to provide correct information. Client is responsible for the violation of our terms and conditions if any incorrect or false information is provided.

Work Process

The client is required to supply accurate phone number and email addresses. While your order is being processed, we might need to get in touch with you to ask questions or provide clarification. If communication is lost, there may be a delay in delivery, for which the client will bear full responsibility.

Order processing won't begin until the payment has been verified. Additionally, the business does not intend to permit the researcher/writer to share client information with them.

Once the order has been verified and payment has been received, there are no more discounts. The client must so carefully fill out the form. If the discount code is not applied correctly, there are benefits.

Orders are handled in accordance with the client's requirements. The client will bear the repercussions if any instructions are not followed. Furthermore, the instructions that were missing cannot have updates made to them. Only in cases where the client's original instructions have not been altered can revisions be made. In the event that instructions are altered, the client will be charged extra.

Professional writers at Cheap Assignments use pertinent data from publications, journals, newspapers, interviews, and other sources. When placing the order, the client must specify any special instructions he may have on the usage or limiting of sources. Any such information will be subject to further payment requirements and count toward additional instructions in the future.

When placing the order, the client needs to provide the appropriate academic level. If not, the client will bear the cost of the altered work. In these situations, the clients need to work as soon as possible with our representative to rectify the instructions. To edit the job, nevertheless, more funds can be needed if it has already been finished or is just partially finished.

Our professionals communicate with clients using messaging systems. It is the client's duty to reply via the message system to any questions posed by the writer or representative. As a result, we advise the client to continue checking the messages during brief interruptions. The client would be held accountable for the delayed delivery if he neglected to reply to the mails in a timely manner.

We at Assignment Writing Services make sure that the orders are placed accurately. But no order is ever handled or finished with inaccurate or conflicting information. Furthermore, incomplete descriptions, erroneous goods, hurried deadlines, and altered revision instructions will incur extra fees. Before making any more charges, you will be asked for permission.

The customer should monitor the status of the order and stay in touch with the support team. Among the potential updates are the following:

  • Awaiting payment: In order to initiate the order, payment must be received.
  • Order started: The order has been paid for, and the authors are compiling data.
  • In progress - The order is being worked on by the writer.
  • Completed: The client can view the uploaded product.
  • Returned for revision: The client's instructions are being followed in revising the order.
  • Hold: The order has been placed on hold by the support team, or the writer is not working on it at this time. The client can get in touch with us to get details.
  • Cancelled: The order has been canceled.

If the order is not placed urgently—that is, within three to forty-eight hours—we accept requisitions for draft delivery.

The writer of choice is up to the client. However, the Assignment Writing Services reserves the right to reject this request based on the writer's availability, speed, employment history, or any other factor that would make it more difficult to complete the order on time and with the best possible quality. We will notify the client and provide clarity. The business will not be held responsible for the work produced if the client continues to insist on choosing the writer. Moreover, a return is not possible.

Delivery Policy

Our goal at Assignment Writing Services is to give our customers the best possible experience. However, we disclaim all liability in the event that the client is unable to connect to a reliable internet connection, share accurate emails, configure spam filters, or download the correct files. We will continue to help and guidance from our support staff.

The company disclaims all liability in the event that the client fails to download the file that was sent to him on schedule. Refunds for client-side problems that are out of our control won't be given.

Verification Policy

In order to reduce the possibility of fraud, Assignment Writing Services works hard to safeguard the billing and personal information of our clients. The entity is required to protect a customer's credit card information, together with banks, merchants, and other authorities. We won't be signing the receipts by hand because our entire firm operates online.

For the sole purpose of verification, the client may be asked for the following information:

  • A bill of latent
  • A copy of your credit card, with the last four digits hidden.

It will be the client's responsibility to supply accurate billing information. Orders will be held if the right billing information is not provided for verification, or if payment is refused. Only after the payment has been received will the order be processed.

Cancellation Policy

When a client fails to communicate or cooperate, Assignment Writing Services maintains the right to cancel an order at any time. If there is any uncertainty or suspicion of fraud, it may also be canceled. Refunds are not given in these situations. The business may conduct independent research on each factor at the client's request in order to reach a decision.

Revision Policy

Since our goal at Assignment Writing Services is your satisfaction, we provide free revisions. The clients get 14 days from the moment of order delivery to make as many adjustments as they would like. The client may request adjustments beyond 14 days of delivery, however there will be additional costs.

During the first 14 days, the modifications are processed at no cost to you. The business, however, has the authority to reject the revision request or demand more money if the modifications instructions differ from the original instructions.

Originality of Work

Completed orders at Assignment Writing Services go through a rigorous quality assurance process that includes an originality check. Turnitin is a paid program that we use to check for plagiarism.

The client is entitled to get a free plagiarism report along with the completed work. On the other hand, we won't offer revised Turnitin reports.

Assurance of Contentment

We guarantee on-time delivery while making sure the precise instructions given by the client are adhered to competently.

We at Assignment Writing Services accept complete accountability for our work. However, for orders placed for formatting, editing, or proofreading, we cannot guarantee that there will be no plagiarism. In simple words, we don't accept accountability for the task we haven't completed.

Before the order is completed, the client may cancel it at any time, but there will be fees.

Refund requests must be made in writing by the client. The customer may send emails or messages requesting a refund. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the caliber of the service they received, they may be eligible for a partial refund. The business retains the authority to accept or refuse refund requests in the event of fraudulent claims.

When a refund request is made, the business will carefully look into the stated justifications.

Refund requests must be submitted no later than 72 hours after the delivery time. Refund requests will not be accepted beyond 72 hours.

The customer forfeits his right to utilize the product after he files for a refund. If it is discovered that the client is using the product, legal action will be taken.

Promotion Policy

At Assignment Writing Services, we make it a point to inform our customers of any new specials, discounts, and deals. As a result, we exercise our right to contact our clients through any medium.

If a client would like not to receive promotional messages, he can get in touch with us.

Change Policy

The aforementioned provisions may be updated, changed, or modified by Assignment Writing Services at any time. You acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions by using our website or services.

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